Monday, June 27, 2011

**It's Time to Get Moving..

Bloom to wherever we are planted..

I was walking on my uncle’s farm one day when I came to a place full of weeds. Everywhere I looked where full of weeds and small rocks. But when I walked a little more I saw one beautiful little flower amidst of those weeds. It was so beautiful and it became distinct and amazingly pretty. Even with those weeds and rocky grounds the little flower managed to bloom.


We might have painful experiences in our lives but these should not stop us from giving love and compassion to other people.

We may have plans that have not been what we expected to be but that won’t give us a reason to try again and make a difference.

There are times when we feel choked up with our problems but our life should not stop there. Let us learn to stop wallowing get up and bloom again.

We can’t change the traffic and day-to-day disturbances but it is our choice to still start our day with a smile.

There are times when we get pressured in our work and we are surrounded with lots of reports and people in our office that irritate us. Let us learn to still work with excellence and be significant.

There have been people who won’t believe, abused and misjudge me. Such that it gave me thinking that I am inferior in everything. It is time to look up to them and say I know myself more. I have been going in circles long enough, dwelling long enough on that mountain of despair and false hopes.

 It is time for me to stop sitting down and settling for a life of mediocrity. I have tried many times but now I am determined to change my way of thinking of degrading my own self. I must and should move on, my kids needs me I should not be sitting on one corner and dwelling on those painful experiences in my life.

 Well Sie, it is time to get moving. I MUST give a chance for myself to believe and prove that I am and can be someone..
  I am already tired crying and being lonely..I have been crying for so long and you made me realize that I should give my life a chance to be happy and embrace the joy of living..

 We can’t make everything go on our way. But we can change our attitude. We can choose to be happy and bloom wherever we are planted.Let us all learn to keep a good attitude and learn to blossom and bear fruit to where we are now. 

Thank You My Quiet Angel..this song is for you :)
"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."


  1. Time will heal wounds my dear Sie.Being physically abused and having witnessed your kids being hurt is not easy.You will soon heal my dear Sie.You need persons who will listen and can understand you. The song was very touching I like the lyrics.It is fine to cry.It is a part of your healing process and it won't come instantly.Send my regards to quiet angel.

  2. each person differ on walks of made me see how my life is better.thanks for posting.i do like reading it.

  3. Tears shed for self are tears of weakness, but tears shed for others are a sign of strength.

    Try not to live only for your kids and quiet angel Sie,live also for yourself.

    Our good Lord will reward you and He has seen your tribulations.A better life awaits you.

  4. wow its just like your mini autobiography , truly inspirational. you know Ms.sie its not always like what we have lost but it is always like what we have left with . So be glad that you are left with two beautiful kids and a quite angel ;)

  5. @Ms.Evelyn-thank you so much Grandma..mwahhhh :)

    @Anonymous-your welcome and Thank you for visiting

  6. @David-Yes I will Sir David..I have been crying for so long it is time for me to believe that God has better plans for me..Thank you Sir

    @Sudhi-Hello Sudhi *waving hand*..ayeeeeeee..I have a tear oh..I like what you said..It's not what we have lost but what we have left with..It is hard but I have to begin and step forward..

    I have said it many times but now I am determined to move on..hay life is so short I won't waste it being sad and lonely I should be happy everyday..smiling and being happy of who I am with now..thank you so much Sudhi *hugs hmmmmmmmmmmm*

  7. Sie, your posts are always so true and beautiful. We really need to remind ourselves to bloom every day! Thank you for sharing your beauty...

  8. @Ms.Jill-Thank You Ms. Jill..and I am smiling because you visited me again Ms.Jill *hugs* :)

  9. God Bless you on standing up and moving on! Get going! Be strong! :)

  10. "We can’t make everything go on our way. But we can change our attitude. We can choose to be happy and bloom wherever we are planted.Let us all learn to keep a good attitude and learn to blossom and bear fruit to where we are now."

    The best line in this post :) need i say more? hehe

  11. awwwww.. everytime I'm here I felt like crying but I learned a lot from you Sie. If you've been an author probably you are one of my favorites. But anyway I really love your blog. Sooooo inspiring. That's why I love reading and spending my time here. Move on and embrace change. <3

  12. @Divina-Thank you sis..I will be strong..kakayanin lahat talaga..I want to see God's promises be fulfilled in my life :)

    @Ms.Joy-Hello po ako oh..*hugs*..thank you for your visit po:)

  13. @ChaCha-Thank you sis..we are authors of our lives naman di ba hehehe..Thank you for reading my dramatic posts sis ayeeeee..I appreciate all of you having time to leave comments on my site..thank you :)

    we are best in our own ways..*hugs* :)

  14. This is truly heartwarming. God is good, sis. You'll win in all your battles because He's there with you always. God bless you and your kids. :)

  15. Hi Sie, your blog is one of the few blogs that I really like. Your blog is full of wonderful thoughts and very inspirational. Thanks for always visiting my online journal too... by the way, about the awards, i thank you for that too... God bless you always and stay happy!

  16. @Ms.Trish-Hello Ms.Trish..yes po God is good all the time..thank you for your visit ms.Trish God Bless you too :)

    @Ms.Pinx-Thank you Ms.Pinx..welcome po and you deserve those awards..I will stay happy po Ms.Pinx..salamat po ulit and God bless you and kiss me to your new born kay baby day magkakaroon ulit ako ng baby hihihi.. :)

  17. Nice collections

    Thanks for the message. I installed captcha plug-in in my blog kasi daming spam message

  18. @Ms.Yannie-Thank you Ms.Yannie-your comment box always have a word error po like what Ms.Pinx also said..I'll go back po and try again :)

  19. ate sie..I can relate to ur post!
    I have slightly similar experience with yours
    that's when I was still young
    I would think to that I get to pass the time and move on and forget..
    I could say that "Ive been there"
    because now! life is so much better
    away from guns and pain...

  20. I'm speechless! This is so beautiful, meaningful and so inspiring. It's true that there's no point to dwell in the gloom. You're a very strong lady to get out of it and as your post's title says, "It's Time to Get Moving." Don't look back, please.

    P.S. Love the new look of this blog. :)

  21. Great one Sie. Any problems and difficulties should not be a hindrance for sharing and giving love to other people. I can relate to your post. It reminded me of my own experiences. I've been hurt but I never stop forgiving.

  22. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful quotes. I always enjoy reading them. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the compliment regarding my theme. :)

  23. nice post ms. Sie...very inspiring. I know God hears your heart says.
    nwyz, thanks for the inspiring comment you leave in my blog. God bless you sis.:-)

  24. Hi Sie, how are you? I tag you. Would love to know more about you. Take care. :)

  25. A great True and Inspiring post. It is also good to read you have chosen to stop putting yourself down, reading your word of kindness and love your are definitely much better than what people of your past wanted you to believe.
    You have the wings to fly and start for the best. You deserve it so grasp it!
    Stay well an be blessed.

  26. @Clai-thank You Clai..true, as always I also go to sleep just to let my problems pass..but I decided not to stop there..I learned to face my problems..we are the only ones that can solve them..Now I could say "I've been there..done that hehehe.."

    @Balqis-I won't look back sis..I went tired already of crying and hiding from my past hurts..sometimes it is best if you will hear the painful truth from someone you dearly love and that's what Quiet Angel made me see :)

    Thank you sis..I changed my template because it was gloomy before with rocks now I want my site to have orange background with the sun as a symbol of hope :)

  27. @Evalyn-thank you sis..your right our problems must not be a hindrance of giving love to people..each of us has our own road to take and problems to go through..thank you for visiting ha :)

    @Willa-Your welcome Willa..I really like your template talaga Ms.Willa..Thank you for visiting and your time for reading my post :)

    @Genny-true,God always hears us and He will surely give the desires of our hearts in His perfect time..salamat ha :)

    @Lisa-I'm fine Ms.Lisa..tagged..ayeeeee..10 things po ulit I have done it 3 times na po..thank you po :)

    @Marie Harmony-Thank you for your nice message Marie..I was smiling Thank You so much :)

  28. @ Sie
    Be proud of who you are.

    Everyone of us are made differently because the Lord made us for a all kinds of purpose.
    Some are born to cook. Some are meant to teach.
    You may not be able to sing, but you can write.... You may not be as beautiful but
    you have a voice....

    There will always be someone better all the time, but remember, they came out from different backgrounds and experiences. Does it make sense to compare or feel inferior ?

    Just because we don't confirm with other people's "standards" doesn't mean there is no value in ourselves. The world has 6 billion people and if we let others put us down and compare all the time, we will have no time to
    LIVE our life. We will always be miserable just because other people WANT US TO feel that way.

    Live for yourself and your family Sie.
    Take back what belongs to you.
    Life is too short to dwell on "small"

  29. @Bear Wife-*hugs*..speechless..

    I should have included that on my know how I feel because some how we have at least the same experience..your right I'll be a fighter sis for me and my family..I love your comment made me feel..Stand Tall Sie..Thank you Bear Wife :) *hugs hugs*

  30. just followed you back! thanks for following last week!

  31. * Hugs *
    Yes..stand tall Sie. Will the real Sie please stand up

  32. @Baguio girl-Thank you for following back and visiting :)

    @Bear Wife-hehehe..I am now standing tall sis..the real happy Sie is finally out *blink*..thank you :)

  33. I have yet to read about you Sie..You've been visiting my site, you're knowing me, it's high time I know you....I like you writing, full of love and inspiration...

  34. @Joyfulmom-thank you Ms.Joy..I love reading your site everyday po talaga :)

  35. hi friend very nice post.i like u r uuuuu.

  36. @Vijaya-hello friend *hugs*..thank you for visiting..look I am u too :)


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