Tuesday, June 21, 2011

..Awards from a Good Friend**

  I recently received awards from my blogger friend Balqis. Thank You so much for being not only my blogger friend but also someone who have inspired me to write more and look on life positively. She is one of the persons who have been a part of my journey. 

Sometimes we meet people on our virtual world that inspires and touches our lives in their own simple ways. We may not have met in person but her thoughts and comments made me smile. She is one of the few persons who gave me a reason to continue blogging. I always love going to her site and it is not only to read  her post but it has already been a daily habit for me.

 Love you my good friend Balqis and Thank you so much again :)

this song is for all of you : Thank You for being my friend *blink*
A part of these awards is to say a little something about myself. I have said many things about myself already but ok a little more won’t hurt hehehe..
 As a person I can say I am living on the extremes. I can be the best and the worst person you will meet. This is another side of me. I love people who are honest and true about themselves. People who are sensitive to the needs of others, a good listener and a person with a compassionate heart.

 I don't easily give my heart and trust to anyone.I always mean what I say..when I say it is forever it is forever..when I say it's over then it is over.There are three words that I always value in life- Love, Respect and Trust..

I really hate people who are pretending to be my friend but do otherwise when I'm not  looking. I hate liars, traitors, rude and insensitive people it makes me go Grrrrrrrrrrr..

I love my kids and if someone hurt them forget me because I can hate you and be rude to you for the rest of your life. But if you will love me and my kids I will love you back a hundred fold-guaranteed :) ..I can be the best lover and your best friend yes I can and I will but I can be the worst one if you force me too. 

I don’t usually go for a fight with shouts and bad words or so.. I fight silently doing things that someone would regret..to all of those who plan to be with me be careful I could be scary but I don't bite maybe hehehe..

I am a very simple person..in all my ways I am so simple..and if you want me to be a part of your life..you might as well accept me of who I am..being the "Real Me"..
ok passing on the awards to all of my blogger friends..I won't specifically give these awards to someone because I believe everyone of us deserves it and we are BEST in our own ways :)..you are not obliged to do anything just receiving it would make me smile ok *blink blink*..


  1. I am now collecting my awards. Thanks Sie! These are my first blogger awards actually. I will blog about them soon. It’s really hard to tell something about myself hehe.

    You don’t seem scary to me. I see a loving person. Okay, I did not yet see you, but I know based on your blog entries. I sense you are gentle – a wind that caresses the cheeks of someone alone, a hand that holds the hand of a lonely friend, a smile that lands on the face of a crying person… That’s you Sie. And there are many more wonderful things about you…

  2. Dear Sie this is my first awards.I was smiling while reading more about yourself.Your simplicity made us love you so dearly.It is you having a loving and a true heart.Simplicity marks the most sincerest part of a person.

    You are a silent fighter I love that.We are the ones saying Thank You Sie for being our friend.You don't know how much happiness you have given.

  3. Hi Sie thank you very much, i will now collect my awards ha hihi

  4. @Divina-hasus po I'm glad to give those awards to you and you are most welcome sis :)

    @Evelyn-Grandma just giving you a Big Hug hmmmmmmm..

    @Joy-your welcome Ms. Joy po..mwahhhhh :)

  5. Sie, Thank you so much :) I feel so happy knowing that somehow I touched someone's heart through my post.hehe, I dunno but my simple goal is to touch a few hearts in this life -tsarr song yan. haha!! awww.. this is so sweet, can I collect them now?
    Thank you again Sie *hugs and kisses*

  6. Hi Sie! Thanks a lot for mentioning me though you don't have to. I feel honored! You're a very good friend, you know, though we only meet virtually. We have built a bridge of friendship to connect to each other through blogging. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm truly inspired, too, reading your posts.

    To all your dear friends, congratulations from me. Everyone deserves all the awards!

  7. @ChaCha-I also have the same sentiment Cha..I like to touch people's lives even on my most simple way..salamat ha :)

    @Balqis-your welcome my friend..*hugs hmmmmmmmm..*

  8. Dearest Sie

    Thank you very much. That was really nice &
    thoughtful of you.

    You seem like a straightforward person to me..
    sort of "what you see is what you get" kind of gal.

    Keep smiling cos' you're beautiful

  9. Hello Sie, Just want you to know that you inspired me so much with your posts..hehe. It'll be my honor to receive the awards especially if it's coming from a wonderful person like you. Thank you so much and more power!..Mwah

  10. @Bear wife-your welcome and your right :)

    @Evalyn-your welcome sis mwah :)

  11. *crying terribly*

    why didn't you give me those? *pointing* *pout*

  12. @Beany-stop crying *hugs* I told you naman ah..get those awards except the sisterhood award po..I will cry too huhuhu..stop na

  13. thanks Ms.sie you are really a amazing woman may god fill your life with joy and happiness :)

  14. @Sudhi-your welcome Sudhi..mwah :)


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