Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~~When Life Doesn't make Sense..

 Failure isn’t God’s rejection. Rather it is God’s redirection. Sometimes in takes a painful situation to change our way.

 I have been almost half of my journey in life. Almost all of it I should say was of pains from all types of people around me. Some people have put me down, others made fun of my physical appearance, some people misjudged of who I am, many people have been rude because of my failures,some have abused me and worst of all the persons whom you thought should have been there for you neglected, stepped and looked down on you.

 The truth is we all have imperfections in life and maybe I was not the one who can meet their standards. No matter how hard I try,  sometimes I always fall short of how few people expected me to be. It was really hard for me to blend in to what my parents, friends, relatives and some people of who they expected me to become.

 ..I gave my all..but to some it was never enough..

 But no matter how little I am and least significant to their lives I know and I believe in God’s eyes I am SOMEONE. With the most simple things that I do and have... God will make more out of my life in His time.

I’m convinced that even though people look down on me I know God knows me more perfectly than anyone else. God sees my heart and He knows the Real Me.

 One day, I know I will look back to what I considered to be the worst thing that happened to me. I will smile and realize that God used that time of adversity to refine me, make me stronger, and depend more on Him. 

 I am holding on to my life no matter what because I know things will change. I believe God is preparing me for more good things to come. I know He will..." He is not finish with me yet"...

kindly listen to the song..since I was a child the lyrics have always been my story thank you :)

Love you so much my quiet angel,my kids, papa and mama :)


  1. Love the video. That's penny right? If I'm not mistaken.

    I do not even know my timeline yet, Only God knows. Perhaps I'm already halfway in my life's journey; perhaps not yet one fourth; or maybe I'm nearing the end. Who knows... But the best lesson I have learned is to put faith and hope in God. To love, and to remind myself, whenever I am faced with criticisms, attack, etc, that "In this World, there is only God and Me" That those criticisms or attacks don't matter.

    I admire you Sie for being strong. I can't believe that until now, some people still judge you based on your appearance.

    You are right, it is God's way of refining you and preparing you for eternity.

  2. My dear Sie I had tears reading your story and watching the video.I am old and I don't know when will my life be but I indeed understand your inner self.You have heart attacks and leaving your loved ones is the hardest part for you.My dear Sie the might have looked down on you but to us you are an inspiration.

    I can't believe some people judging you on your appearance you look like Maricar Reyes the actress maybe they are insecure.Let them look on a mirror.Sie I had tears on that girl on the video and I do understand why because you have been through a lot.The day will come and someoe will wipe those tears.I love the video and it is indeed you.

  3. @Divina-Thank You Divine for being here again..sometimes you go tired of having those criticisms when you have been pushed hard since your childhood..but I know God will change all of that,He knows who I am and where will the future lead us :)

  4. @Evelyn-I love the video Grandma and until now it has always been my favorite song.Love you Grandma *hugs*..thank you :)

  5. its a really nice post and i completely agree with you..! right now as you know even am going through a rough patch in my life....personally as well as career wise....!! but this will get over soon....:) you just need to believe in yourself...n ur life...

  6. @Bella-Hello Bella *hugs* your right this will get over soon..I know in His time all my wishes and prayers will come true..I just need a hug a big hug..and I am crying now..thank you Bella..

  7. Dearest Sie,

    For a while I thought you were telling a story of my life. You have no idea how much you've touched me, just by sharing your story. Now I know I'm not alone anymore.

    My heart goes out to you. I know you've had a hard life. From the way you described , I have a feeling that many things were never easy and smooth as you'd want them to be. Many times you are misunderstood for just being true to yourself.

    I wished I could offer a word of comfort or some form of healing to relief you. Just wanna let you know that we are in the same boat and everyone's imperfect someway or the other. If others who are imperfect themselves can't accept us as imperfect, than it is their issue, not your's.

    Lastly, I should be the last one to say this considering we're in the same predicament, but
    please, hold on. God loves you and He has given you papa, mama, quiet angel and your kids.

    As cliche as it sounds, tribulations will always be there, but love overcomes everything.

    "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends"~Corinthians 13:7-8

    P/S Really loved the music. Thank you for showing me the light. Hugs & Kisses

  8. @Bear Wife-I can't say anything more but honestly I was crying while reading your comment.

    The truth is my parents are far from where I am living now.I am only with my kids and sometimes you get the feeling of just someone to hug and comfort me in my real world.It only changes when I got to talk with quiet angel on the phone.

    I have few friends since I am afraid to trust people again.Many have been my friends but some have betrayed me and only a few can I call to be true.

    The truth is I love blogging because in this world I feel accepted by people whom I don't know but understand me.You are one of them Bear Wife.Thank You so much Sis :)

    I am smiling because somehow in this world I can touch lives with my testimony no matter how painful it was.

    *hugs mwah mwah*

  9. I just can't understand why some people are so judgemental. No matter how we look like, whatever our positions are, we are all humans who deserve to be in this world. Unfortunately, some like to put gaps in between when we can't live up to their expectations. Or when we are not at par with them.

    Sie, I'm proud of you that you didn't succumb to any of the ill-treatment towards you. Instead, it has made you more stronger!

    This is a very touching post. You share a lot about yourself with us and thank you for being so. You're an inspiration indeed to everyone of us here.

  10. Hi! I know life is difficult for single moms like us, but we are made of stronger stuff. Hang in there :)

  11. @Balqis-morning and I am teary-eyed sis..thank you so much your every word have made me you sis :) I can't say much but give you a *big big hug*..

  12. @Pepperific Life-hello *waving hand*, wow and I am smiling you are a single mom too..your right single moms are strong and we can make it..thank you so much :)

  13. Life is more strict than teacher because teacher teaches lesson then take exams but life first take exams then teaches lesson.... so forget got about the past be happy that you have survived and passed all the exams conducted by the life , you have your kids & your quite angel with you so don't worry Ms.sie :)

  14. @Sudhi-your right Sudhi..missing you guys..mwah mwah :)


  16. @Bella-thank you so much Bella..I need a big hug really can you go here for real?hehehe.. :)

  17. hahaha.....sure why not....just trying to get wings!! :P

  18. Hi Sie! I'm back :) thanks for the comment you left on my blog. It's good, you filed for annulment. My annulment case has been ongoing for 3 years now. I hope things turn out for the best for us. You deserve to be happy.

  19. @Ms.Pepper-Ms.Pepper bkit ang tagal naman po..oo nga po hopefully things will turn out for the best po..I'm expecting na it will be approved this 1st week of july po..we both deserve to be happy ms.Pepper :)

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