Saturday, July 30, 2011

**Blessed with a Miracle..

“Don’t let your miracles become monuments”

 I have heart failures and I have a bicornuate uterus – a heart shaped is a rare case..and it gives me a high-risk pregnancy. I had miscarriage once and I nearly died. Doctors said that it would be too risky for me to have a child.

  When God blessed me with my eldest I was bleeding and was hospitalized several times. I was talking always to my child to hold on and fight because I want her to live. When I gave birth my eldest was pre-mature-she was seven months. The doctors was amazed because she need not to be in an incubator because her lungs were so strong regardless of her being pre-mature and me being weak when I had pregnancy.

 My second child came and he was again pre-mature-eight months. I was a lot stronger but the risk was still there. My baby boy was healthy but I was the one at risk. My parents were worrying why I was on the delivery room for long hours. I was literally shivering inside the delivery room. I don’t know if I was overdosed of the anesthesia or because of my heart ailment..but I indeed felt I was leaving.

 Here are few facts about having a bicornuate uterus:

What is a bicornuate uterus? A uterus is supposed to have only one chamber. When it has two champers or horns, it is known as bicornuate uterus. Such a uterus is either Y-shaped or heart-shaped. It is the result of fusion anomaly of the mullerian ducts during embryogenesis. Pregnancies in a bicornuate uterus are usually considered high-risk and require extra monitoring because of association with poor reproduction potential.
A bicornuate uterus is associated with increased adverse reproductive outcomes like:
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss: the reproductive potential of a bicornuate uterus is usually measured by live birth rate (also called fetal survival rate). This rate is estimated around 63% for a bicornuate uterus.
  • Preterm birth: with a 15 to 25% rate of preterm delivery. The reason that a pregnancy may not reach full-term in a bicornuate uterus often happens when the baby begins to grow in either of the protrusions at the top. A short cervical length seems to be a good predicter of preterm delivery in women with a bicornuate uterus.
  • Malpresentation (breech birth or transverse presentation): a breech presentation occurs in 40-50% pregnancies with a partial bicornuate uterus and not at all (0%) in a complete bicornuate uterus.
 I have given birth to my two angels with ceasarian delivery and it was indeed a miracle. Time passed by and because of my own personal hurts and painful experiences.. I forgot and took for granted my kids for a while. I still had time with them but not that much. There was a time when I was so  depressed and I forgot ..A " miracle" that God has given in my life.

   Now, even if it is only the three of us I have never been so bonded with my kids. I learned that no matter what you have been through, no matter whose fault it was; no matter how impossible our situation may look the good news is God will restore everything. He will restore my broken dreams..

Maybe we once were excited about a person that God has given to us. But now we have been accustomed as making it as a routine and sometimes we take them for granted.

Friends don’t allow that sense of miracle to slip away. Don’t get so familiar with each other that you take someone for granted. Don’t take for granted the greatest gifts that God has given us. Let us learn to take care of them because they are a blessing..

 ..there are many miracles that happen in our lives..many instances that God has sent someone to touch our soul..may we not forget to be grateful to Him and may we cherish and love the "miracles" that has been given to us :)

well I believe in I want to have more babies  weeeee..

..if the world breaks your heart
I will still be here believing in you
..if you need someone whom you can hold on to
I Am Here
..I'll always be here,You Can Come To Me..


  1. hi sie, i am so glad we know each other, let's we become best of friends.
    somehow i find it so easy to befriend you. i wish i can give you an award in appreciation, but you seem to have them all from balqis. i will give you when and if i get a new award next time. hope it will be a fantastic one :)

    i cant help reflecting on the major pain and miseries that you went through- with a lot of strength mentally and physically, you made it Godwilling. i am happy for you. it's not easy to go through all these.
    Only you know how miraculous it was and how happy and grateful you are now, for all that happened has taught you to be stronger and better. take care

  2. babies are indeed miracles and God's blessings. we have been chosen by God to be their parents and to be good stewards of His precious gifts. so be happy sie that we are part of God's wonderful plan.

  3. @Cooking varieties- Hello ms.Wan *hugs*..I am also glad to be your friend and Balqis have always been one of my inspiration to award..thank you Ms.Wan..your friendship is an award for me..true..these trials that I have been through have been so painful but it gave me strength to fight and stand up again and never give up..thank you Ms.Wan for visiting me again :) *hugs*

  4. @Pinx-yes sis I am happy..many woman out there wished to have a baby of their being a mother is a blessing..*hugs sis* :)

  5. @Sie: You are really blessed and an optimistic...
    To be true, if any blogger that inspired that are you...
    Anyway nice sharing it really help me and strengthens my faith that God never leave you alnoe... :)
    Many many payers & best wishes for you and your tow little flowers...
    Stay Blessed

  6. Oh my, I can't imagine going through what you have. you are a strong woman, Sie! You have my admiration. You are really blessed that God has given you two angels... plus one more, am i right? ;). God loves you, Sie!

  7. @Asma Khan-hello Asma..all of us have gone through different stages in our lives and each of this stages have lessons which we have learned from..I am writing my experiences because at least on my own simple way I may inspire other people..thank you for visiting Asma :) Stay Blessed too..

  8. @Pepperific Life-hello sis :)..hay naku sis Peps with all the situations I have been through po..there is nothing left for me but to be strong..stand up again and move on..I won't back down and I won't give up..this is my journey sis so I will always take an extra step to hold on because sis I know God is faithful to His promises..if I will quit sis I won't see those promises to be fulfilled..that's why I am always moving on..*hugs sis*

  9. Hi Sie! I missed's your birthday? Belated ha, you didn't reply with my email...I was hoping to see you. Email me...sending you a be-lated gift...

  10. This is so inspiring and true.. Wow, you went through that all. I have never heard of bicornuate uterus until now. I'm glad you have shared this. Thanks. You know what, I know someone who gave birth to seven (7) children, all Cesarean too. She almost died too. During the operation, her uterus burst so the Doctor had to remove it (Magaling na doctor) but guess what, she is still alive and her children are all achievers.

    For this wonderful post and lovely blog, I am giving you an award. Do check my blog.

  11. Dear sis, again you have proven how strong you are after going through difficult time. I'm proud of you! Despite what you had faced, you're still standing! Keep up this spirit.

    Thanks a lot for the infos on bicornuate uterus. Yes, sis, have faith and keep believing in miracles!

  12. babies are angels sent from heaven :)

    visiting you here Sie :)

  13. @Ms.Joy-hello Ms. Joy I have not checked on my mails po lately..I was sick and I have flu po Ms.Joy..Belated Happy Birthday din po sa inyo..Miss you too ms.Joy..I will dropping by your site po mamya po *hugs*

    @Divina-hello at CS wahhhhh..sis my doc. said on a CS delivery a maximum of 5 kids only for the mother to be safe because the cut can go thinner every was a miracle for her to be alive..thank you sis I'll check on your site ha :)

  14. @Balqis-hello sis..true I am still standing and these experiences that I have been through sis made me stronger..I have felt pain a lot of times and been broken but as I always say I am always determined to go on and step forward..the climb maybe an uphill and there maybe thorns along the way but even when wounded it is my choice sis to move on because I believe in God's promises..He will help me and my family to reach our destiny :)

  15. @Ms.Joy-miss you po Ms.Joy..I agree kids will always be God's gift to me..they will always be a blessing..thank you for visiting po :)

  16. what an inspiring story. your children are beautiful!!!

    thanks for stoping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment!!!

  17. @Debbie-heelo ms.Debbie..your welcome and thank you for visiting ms.Debbie :)

  18. Yeah, I also heard about the 5 delivery limit on CS. Amazing isn't it? It was a miracle..

    So that's how a bicornuate uterus looks like... Heart shaped... It is beautiful.. Funny how it could be dangerous.

  19. wow! so that's the bico..bico *trying to speak clearly*..the bacon you ate uterus..

    i have this interpretation of that special kind. That heart-shaped uterus means: the mother has such a powerful kind of love to her babies. I know all mothers have unconditional love for their babies, and having this special case is only given to stronger mothers. The baby can feel he is so-loved as he is enclosed in a heart-shaped home inside.
    You are a very strong woman..and your kids are the luckiest to see the beautiful world through you..such that they own beautiful hearts too :)

  20. @Divina-yes it looks beautiful but dangerous..I do believe more in miracles than I will have babies pa sis..hehehe :)

  21. @Beany-eeeeeeeee..naman po..I so love your comment..I can't even think of a word how to reply..*huggggggssssss* mwahhhhhh :)

  22. @Beany-you always have the right words to always make me smile and admire your inner thoughts..I am blessed to have you :)

  23. Beautiful post:) impressive thoughts:) stay blessed:)Beautiful post:) impressive thoughts:) stay blessed:)

  24. @Aisha-thank you so much Aisha..stay blessed too :)


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