Monday, July 4, 2011

~.if Only I could*.

"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be"

How I wish I could be there with you.. How I wish I could hug you in times when you needed comfort.. If only I could take care of you when you are sick..

How I wish to see your smile and hold your hand..if only I can wipe those tears and calm your fears..But distance has kept us apart..

Each night I am counting the days until we'll be together ; each night I just wish that my dreams with you could be real. Each night I am longing that the pillow I am hugging is the real you..

Though distance separates us now, you are never out of view, for looking in my heart, all I see, my love, is you..

  I pray that someday .. We will be One finally till eternity..

When I Miss You, I don't have to go far ... I just have to look inside my heart because that's where I'll find you. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you know I love you ... from my heart I really do.

I will be waiting, always. Whatever it takes, whatever's at stake, you know I'll be right here, right here ... always waiting for you.

Despite the distance.. Trust me when I say, even though I'm not there, I'm with you ..I won't hurt you.. I Love You and I will always be faithful with every beat of my heart.

On to forever, hand in hand
with the one who matters most to me
 I have tomorrow to look forward to
for God has given me YOU
..(with tears but smiling)


  1. my hubby and i used to be on a long distance love affair. and yeah, despite our distance, our love, trust and faith kept us together all those years, until he finally came home and now, we're together.
    by the way, thanks sa visit Ms. Sie. i do have a father but he's with another family now, i am the only girl sa aming magkakapatid so like you, i'm a daddy's girl too. well, i wouldn't want to delve into my experience sa dad ko, naha-heart break lang ako. thanks again and have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. @Ms.Pinx-Thank you Ms.Pinx and your comment made me smile and a bit teary day I know we will also be together po..just missing my quiet angel here :)

  3. I love reading you blog. It's very inspiring. Hope you can visit mine. :-)

  4. my dear Sie every post is a heart felt masterpiece from you.Nicely done-the pictures,your words and your song is perfect.You have written it from your heart.Quiet angel will be smiling reading your post and make him cry listening to the song.Very heart felt Sie.

  5. @Cathie-Thank you for visiting Ms.Cathie..yes I will :)

    @Ordinary girl-hahaha..speechless because you understand the feeling..I'm glad your in love and finally found him :)

  6. @Evelyn-*hugs* Grandma..because I am always inspired *blink blink*..thank you so much Grandma :)

    @Willa-Thank you Ms.Willa for your visit po :)

  7. i can feel how much you have been missing your quiet angel. keep the love alive girl, communicate with him more frequently :)

  8. once again a very inspiring post you have here. i pray distance wont separate us...praying that one day we will be together as one.:-)

  9. @Joy-Ms.Joy hello po..Yes po I am missing him talaga po..yes I will po Ms.Joy..salamat :)

    @Genny-Thank you Genny for visiting..One day my prayers will be in love ang ate and if you love someone you will always be thinking and missing him :)

  10. wow Ms.sie so romantic ;) i hope your quite angel read this , as im single cant talk much about this topic :D

  11. You words talk to my heart as my husband is working on the sea and we are always away from one another for 10/15/20 days. But he is never too far from me, only his physical body.
    Your words are true and your posts great inspiration, so honest.
    Take Care Sie.

  12. @Sudhi-*hugs*..yehey Sudhi and you are always reading my post..I'll tell quiet angel you are always visiting me..

    I hope so quiet angel can read this..he has been so busy and if I can only be with him to make him smile everyday and take care of cook his food when he goes home lalala..thank you Sudhi for visiting :)

  13. @MarieHarmony- *hugs*..Marie thank you..your words made me smile..I am not alone with my sentiments..and I am becoming emotional again..thank you so much..I really appreciate you sharing a little about yourself :)

  14. Hi Sie! Long time na akong di nakakavisit, pasensya na po! Anyway, I hope you will be together na, the two of you. Pero that's how love is tested right? As you have said, you just have to look into your heart when you miss him... I remember, my brother and his girlfriend (now fiancee) have also been far from each other when they were in the law school. My brother studied in SLU and her fiancee in UST. Distance has kept their physical bodies apart (for almost 5 years) but I saw that their hearts were together. Love really is full of sacrifices, which you are ready to give when you love, diba.. Sigh...

  15. @Divina-weeeee..sis oks lang I know your busy..thank you for reading my post sis..true-I just have to look into my heart when I miss him..hay I just feel a little less not being able to take care of him most specially when he is sick..he has always migrane and it worries me a creates a fear in me everyday hoping that he is always ok :)

    salamat sa bisita sis :)

  16. just one question sis...

    where do you get the right post at the right time....

    perfect timing to my mood right now

  17. Dear Sie, if absence makes the heart grows fonder, so does distance. One day, you'll surely be together till eternity. Sometimes, a long distance relationship is good as it puts to a test one's devotion to one's love. The faith you have for each other will bind you both till the end of time.

  18. @ Strawberry-where do I get the right post at the right time..aha my sis can relate..someone is making your heart beat noh..aminin..oh smiling ka..may I know who..weeee :)

    @Balqis-true..sis I agree..despite the distance true love can be felt..I can't also explain why and how but I have never felt of such love so strong and being committed to quiet angel all my days and all my's true love :)

    I believe and I know that day will come when we will finally be together forever sis :)

  19. awesome...its amazing how love can do this things...^_^♥

  20. @Clai-hello's really amazing Clai..looks like someone's making your heart beat also..hehehe :)

  21. You have each other, it may not be much but to me it feels enough. It's just distance, after all. You will soon embrace the missing goodbye. ;') Hug Sie.

  22. i'm not sure if its my first time here but i like your blog its very inspiring. Visiting you back and btw, i'm looking forward to watch Pure Love also :)

  23. @Dai Ning Li- *hugs*..Dai ning hello :) ..true-we have each other and our love won't fade despite our distance..ayeeeeee..ayaw ko nang missing goodbye hmp..I'll hold him here and won't let go hehehe ;)

    @Mona-thank you for visiting Ms.Mona :)..I am waiting for that korean novela po for sure it will be worth watching :)

  24. Oh...that longing...Don't know how you
    managed to be so patient for your quiet
    angel Sie. Hubby Bear and I can't even
    stand it when are apart for a few days...

    Anyway, hang in there. Your quiet angel
    is worth waiting for.

  25. @Bear Wife-*hugs sis* patient really sis because I love him so that's why..and I will hang on Bear wife I will..your right quiet angel is worth waiting for..someday he will come and one day we will be together and have a happy family..I love him so much so I won't let go..I will always be here for him..for both of US :)

    *thank you for visiting me always mwah :)

  26. I really love visiting your blog. And I wanna thank you for also visiting mine and posting comment. I do really appreciate it. It makes me smile.

    Being inlove is really a great feeling. I wish I'll meet the right man for me soon in God's perfect time.

    God Bless you and your family. Hope we can be friend. It's a blessing for me to find you here. I really need a powerful words of inspiration that will lift me up when I'm feeling down. I'm still in the process of overcoming bad and painful experiences during my childhood life.

    Thank you so much, Sie!

  27. @Ms.Cathie-Thank you Ms.Bheng..I had also painful experiences when I was a took me years before I was healed but I guess I have not also been healed completely pa..

    True, Ms.Bheng being in love is a great are right the right person will come and we don't have to struggle finding the right one because God has a perfect timing and a reason for everything..

    God Bless you too Ms.Bheng and I am always here po..I can always be a friend.. *hugs hugs*

  28. I'm touched with what you've posted... I can feel your emotions, your sweetness & your deep love :) just keep the faith Sie!

    thanks nga pala for dropping a comment on my blog!

  29. marking the 30th comment.

    Wow! I am sure Quiet Angel is flying on cloud 9 now and eating it in dark choco cherry filling!
    That guy with a long hair..that's too long i think..hmmmm...

    He feels you beating inside his heart..and running in his brain nerves, he often catches himself daydreaming of you. He doesn't need to look at his heart 'coz he's vewy vewy sure you are locked inside and you have no choice but to stay there.
    I see a lot of people coming here..they believe in long-distance true love as much as Quiet Angel..but only Quiet Angel knows how huge his love for you is.
    love is beautiful 'coz it caught its perfect victims..helpless and happiest victims..
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  30. @Ms.Czaroma-Hello Ms.Czaroma..I love going to your site po..I love the look of your site..thank you for reading and for your visit po :)

  31. @Beany-aha finally pinansin mo rin ako *hugs hugs*..wrong po 31st comment ka na because your so busy ok lang I do least you have read my post so it doesn't matter if your late hehehe..

    Cloud 9 dark choco..your eating chocos your sweets palo kita..the guy on the pix has long hair because I couldn't find any pix that's a bit shorter that exactly fits my quiet angel's you have a scissor po..I'll cut it na lang hahaha..

    same here..he will always be my very reason why my heart is beating right now..I will always love him despite our distance..if only I could be with him now..I will serve him and show him how much I really love him..

    my outlook on life and the inner me has been changed because of him..he just don't know how much love I have for him..everyday and there is no moment in a day that I have tears missing him..he is always on my mind and my heart every second he is here..oh look teary eyed na naman ako..

    I love him so much and distance can't change the love that I have for him..I know love has found the way for both of us..and destiny has brought me to I will stay,wait and hold on because I will be faithful to God to whom I had made a love and take care of my quiet angel forever :)

  32. hmp! you got 29 comments posted before i made mine. hmP!

    No, he loves you more! hmp! and you don't know how great his love for you is! don't argue!
    This choco? It's Quiet Angel's treat!
    want some? *blink blink*..but it's vewy vewy small na lng eh..*puppy eyes*

  33. it was not publish pa kasi..wag na tampo :)

    grrrrrr..I love him more noh..

    give me your choco even that small piece *blinking eyes*..tsige na :)

  34. yoko! tige peyo habuyin mo muna ako *run run run* *wiggle wiggle wiggle*

  35. Hi Sie! Ang sad naman nito ...huhuhu... boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship.
    thanks for always visiting my blog :)

  36. @Beany-hahaha..akin na yan hmp..hehehe..dami ko dark pucca oh..gusto mo po?..habuyin mo muna hehehe :)

  37. @Pepperific Life-Ms.Pepper kaw din?..talaga po ay we are on the same boat talaga po :)..your welcome Ms.Pepper


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