Saturday, July 23, 2011

..A time to Listen**

 Are you a good listener?

 I am an only child and I grew in a family where my parents are too busy on their own chosen professions. Such that I always wished in my life was to have someone who is good to listen. Being left alone often in our house I was used to silence and yearning for someone to listen to my day-to-day experiences, share my happy moments and be with me in times of loneliness and despair.

 Of all the adversities that I had gone through I can say that I am a strong woman. I have always stood up again and again and sometimes all I need is a hug and someone who has ears to listen.

 I have a friend who called up one day and she was crying about her husband leaving her. She is so successful and so busy in her career but she lacked time with her family. She just talked and talked and never did give me a tiny chance to talk back. After a long while she had a big sigh and said. "Sie, I feel so much better.” I am alone now and was about to commit suicide but you where there to listen.

 I said to my friend I didn’t say any advice or anything. I realized she didn’t need any advice that time, what she needed was someone to listen.

 Sometimes if we would just take time to listen to people, we could help initiate a healing process in their lives.

    There are many people today who are hurt and down. They have nobody to talk to or because they don’t trust anybody anymore.

 What we all need to do is open our hearts and be a friend-without judging or condemning them more. All we need to do is simply listen and we may help lift that heavy burden or heal a hurt inside them.

  We don’t need to have a profound wisdom, we don’t have to know all the answers, we just need to open our heart, listen and care.

 ..your never alone
I'll be in every beat of your heart
 my love will be with you..stay with you..

..ssssssshhhhh..just HUG me please please..


  1. Just speak, I'll stand by to listen. ;')

  2. what's kitty doing with my teddy??
    and that lil kitty is hugging me?? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    well, yes..we need those listening heart for those special people who needs us..they make us realize that for mere listening, we can comfort in silence..

    hey, i wanna tell you a secret! *whispering*

  3. @Dai Ning-weeeee..really Dai Ning so where and when will we meet *blink blink*..thank you for visiting Dai Ning..*hugs* :)

  4. @Beany-hehehe..I did that on purpose..I know you will notice is my Quiet Angel's teddy..I am hugging him oh with cute hearts from her hug..weeeeee..tight hug..tighter..cpr? hahaha :)

    True..sometimes silence means so much..we just need to be silent..and now I am missing my Quiet Angel again..because he has always been a good listener..can't wait that he will just hold my hand..listen to me..and hugs me in silence..both of us listening to the beat of our hearts saying how much we love each other..

    Sie day dreaming again hahaha..wish wish wishing upon a star..he will hug me and I will hear his voice whispering to my ears I love you Sie *giggles*

  5. Rightly said, sometimes listening proves as a healing... But here are really few who listen you, otherwise everyone wants to tell his?her tale... :)

  6. This is so true Sie, sometimes listening is the better help you can give, just be there 100%. Opening your heart to somebody else pain can heal the person in need.
    Sending hugs to you from Dublin. Have a lovely week-end. xx

  7. @Asma Khan- hello Asma..true..people usually wants to talk and talk..I can only name a few who are good listeners..and I am blessed to have my quiet angel who really knows how to listen..nice to see you here again :)

    @Marie harmony-*hugs*..hello Marie..I agree..opening your heart to someone can heal a person in true because I have already proven really works..

    **hugs Marie..hmmmmmmmm**have a blessed weekend too :)

  8. indeed listening is so important... this simple trait can actually save lives!

  9. I couldn't agree more with you sis, sometimes we simply need someone just to listen or someone to talk to from time to time. I love Lady Antebellum,nice choice of song sis :)

  10. It's a great relief when we're able to pour out our grievances to someone who would listen. Everyone here is listening to you, Sie. I know what it is like when we're alone with no one to turn to.

  11. silence is a great big help...
    I always listen to every woes of my friends
    I often offer solutions...but still the best is just stay still and listen to them
    it helps a lot to release..the pain

  12. @Webbie Lady-I agree Webbie..often times a person that has deep hurts needs someone who can listen and understand her true feelings inside :)

    @ChaCha-hello sis *hugs*..your right sis it is a way of release talaga..but after talking and letting them listen the best thing to do is to move on and give ourselves a chance to be happy..forget those old past..painful memories and move on :)

  13. @Balqis-thank you sis for lstening..your right being alone is not easy most especially on times when you sick or down and you need a hug to comfort you..

    But I thank God because even if I am alone now with my quiet angel is a good listener..and I know this situation that I am in just temporary..I have no adult person living with me now but I am happy not just because of my kids and quiet angel..but God is teaching me to be a Stronger Woman Inside..time will come when I will be with someone again :)

    @Clai-your right Clai..Silence and listening to someone is the best source of healing..thank you for visiting kahit your busy po :)

  14. Hi Sie! Don't feel so alone, because you aren't. I am here for you, although we haven't met personally. I grew up a loner as well, so I can relate. You have a lot of friends who love and care for you, so keep smiling :)

  15. Only if a lot of people will take time to listen thatn to talk, this world will be a better place. Hae a great week,Sie!

  16. @Ms.Pepper-Hello sis *hugs*..yes I will keep smiling..thank you for being my friend :)..we have many similarities talaga..

    @Willa-Ms.Willa hello..opo if only people will learn to listen our world will be more peaceful..their are only a few good listeners and I am blessed to have one..Thank you ms.Willa have a great week too po :)

  17. This post just shows how sensitive you are of the other person. I love this post. Sometimes we need to find time to talk with our friends, but most especially listen in times of their need! Thanks for reminding me of this! -Mar

  18. @Mar-your welcome Mar and thank you for visiting :)

  19. What a coincidence! Last night, I was just reading a book about loneliness. There was a story of a man who dialed a wrong number. When he said he dialed the wrong number and was about to hang up, the woman on the other line said "Wait, I'm 86 years old and nobody ever calls me. Can we talk for just a minute?" It just confirms your thought. As a line in Desiderata says "...and listen to others, even to the dull and ignorant. They too have their story"

    I am not bragging, but a friend said to me that I'm a good listener (perhaps because I enjoy listening to his story [he is a really good speaker] and I do not have much to say. lol)So I guess you can count on me if you need ears to listen to you.

    And once again, this entry of yours is an inspiration. Your friend is really blessed to have you to listen to her. Keep it coming!

  20. @Divina-hello sis..I miss you po..I love persons who are good listeners :)..sometimes there are unexplainable situations in our lives but I always believe that everything has it's purpose..all we need is to follow..we don't know maybe that instinct inside us will help save someone's life..

    *hugs sis*

  21. very inspiring post again sie...nakakagaan sa pakiramdam. visiting you back...:-)


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