Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am my grandpa’s little girl. I remember him being proud always of my achievements. Both of us would wake up each morning and with my papa we harvest mangoes and chico fruits to bring home. 

 My grandpa loves my two kids. He would play with them and get the toy guitar while I sing and my kids would dance or sing with me.

 Early one morning last year I got a call from my papa that my grandpa was rushed to the hospital. At that time I felt so sad. My grandpa was diagnosed to have prostate cancer and a brain clot from a bumped he had on his head.

 As I was riding a bus going to the hospital to visit my grandpa, tears was pouring down my cheeks. I traveled for six hours on bus. I felt tremendous love and concern for my grandpa. I began to think about how good he has been to me and how well he has treated my kids.

 Normally when I received a call from my papa that my grandpa was rushed to the hospital I would always say, “Kindly tell grandpa, to be strong.” But that call was different, something deep inside told me go there and stay with your grandpa even just for a day. So my kids and I traveled by bus and I left them with my mama and then I went to the hospital.

 As I was near my grandpa’s bed I really cried. I never expected to see my strong grandpa lying so weak on that bed. He couldn’t talk or even say my name. I went there and just held his hand and whispered grandpa "I am here."

 To my surprise he opened his eyes and smiled. I saw a tear in his eyes and he hugged me with his one arm. My relatives and the nurses were smiling because he uttered and called me by my name. Normally patients who have blood clots on their brain can’t remember a thing, so they were surprised when my grandpa remembered me.I felt how my grandpa loves me.He opened his eyes for the first time just to see me.

 I left that afternoon feeling good, knowing that he will be ok. Later that same day I got a call and they said my grandpa was taken to the intensive care unit. The doctor’s diagnosed that his cancer was already severe and they had said he has only a few months to live. My grandpa has survived still until now. I am glad he is still alive but he can’t utter a word anymore and can’t remember vividly names of people.

 I realized then that it was a good thing that I kept my compassionate heart open. That was the last time that I heard my grandpa said and remembered my name. But what if I said to myself that I couldn’t go, I am too busy? What if I have not been sensitive and insisted not to go? I would miss out something precious-an irreplaceable moment with my grandpa remembering me clearly and saying my name for the last time.

 If we feel God wants us to do something for someone, let us obey. Let us keep our heart of compassion open. Let us be discerning and sensitive of the love that has been beating inside our hearts. When we feel compassion and a special love toward someone, it is there for a specific maybe too late if we won't listen. All we need to do is to follow and respond..  


  1. Granpa will be fine..he will still manage to wiggle his butt with his grantripkids(triplets).

    Maybe Ms. Sie has a magical touch..she can touch any one's heart..and she is always loved by every one. Ms. Sie must be strong every day for she is one best source of their strength and happiness :)

  2. @Beany-Yes, I am always praying for his health..I want my grandpa to see of who I have become and how I wish to hear him whisper my name again and say he is proud of me..I want to see him smile again while the triplets and their ate and kuya dance nobody nobody but you hahaha..

    I don't have a magical touch..what I do have is genuine love..true and unselfish love that I always share to those who deserve :)

  3. ohh he will be fine :)

    touching post :)

  4. yey! i'm the first!! i'm the first! *jumping*
    *break dancing*
    hehe..i remember the 'lil boy following dancing nobody2 beside her nanay and ate hahahahaha..mana sa'kin xempre cute eh! c ate kay nanay :)

    how about granpa dancing nobody2 too?? *wide grin*

  5. @ordinary girl-hello Riya..thank you for visiting..yes my grandpa will be fine..I am really happy for you and him yeheeee :)

  6. @Beany-hahaha..ssssshhhh..that's a secret don't tell them I know how to dance hahaha..can I have a tape recorder have always said my little boy looks like you..ok contract sealed my little boy is as cute as you :)

    my grandpa knows how to dance that's why papa I remember my grandpa dancing cha cha with me..*hugs Beany*

  7. hi Ms. Sie. You are so blessed to have your grandpa till now. like you i am my grandpa's girl. he was my father figure. i grew up with him and he taught me the byways of life. he died 4 years ago and his only wish before he left us was to see my son, his great grandchild. i was still able to grant his request and a few weeks after that, he passed away. oh, i miss my lolo. you made me shed a tear... really.

  8. my dear Sie,you touched my heart.I have also grandchildren and I love them dearly.
    May he recover soon.You are such a loving
    grandaughter.Quiet Angel is right you are loved
    by everyone because of that kind heart
    you always have.Very heartfelt my dear Sie.

  9. @Pinx- lika nga *hugs hugs*..we have some things in common sis..I love my grandpa so much..I am his favorite and he was looking for me always when he was sick..I miss my lolo too..ay naku napaiyak ako sis..kasi even on his condition my lolo and lola is helping me on my annulment fees..they love me so talaga and yes I am so blessed..*hugs sis*

  10. @Evelyn-hello Grandma..I was waiting for your comment po.. thank you for always visiting lots from both of us *hugs*..mwahhh :)

  11. Sie, thank you for the reply. i'll be subscribing to your comments para i would know na may reply ka... thank you again. both my lolo and lola (mother's side are no longer here) sa father's side naman, malayo sa amin dito but we still get to see them.

  12. @Pinx-ako din grandpa and grandma sa mother's side are no longer here..noon pa when I was in grade lolo and lola are far..I have to travel about 8-9 hours by bus to be with them..buti na lang the hospital was near my uncle's house so dun sya nagpagaling..I love my lolo so much talaga and I miss his hugs and pat on my shoulder..thank you sis ha :)

  13. Hi Sie,

    The story of your gramps really touched
    my heart. * Sobs *

    Do you believe in destiny dear?
    Sometimes, people like your gramps come
    into our lives to love unselfishly
    irregardless of what our flaws are.

    Sometimes it's not about the distance
    or the length of time....

  14. @Bear Wife-hello sis how are you?..Yes I do believe in destiny..yeah my grandpa loves me unselfishly and even now that I am going through a tough time in my family and quiet angel never left me irregardless of my flaws my grandpa has always been proud of me..I really miss him :) Thank you sis *hugs*

  15. prayers for your grandpa here sis..lovely post..nakaka tears.:-)

  16. @Genny-thank you sis I appreciate it talaga..thank you for reading *hugs* :)

  17. This is a 'touching' post. My prayer for your grandpa's recovery and for your strength.

  18. @Christine-thank you Christine :)

  19. hi sie very touching post.i love my grandpa.he died 25 years ago. last wish of him to see my are so lucky to have your grandpa till now. my prayer for your grandpa recovery very soon.

  20. @vijaya-hello sis..yes and I do miss and love my grandpa so much..thank you my friend for visiting :)

  21. He will be in my prayers...everynight ate sie ♥
    stay strong..ur grandpa needs your strength


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