Thursday, July 14, 2011

``usual sadness..

Have you felt being neglected? Sometimes the most hardest and hurting part is feeling neglect from the persons you love. I am an only child.. But often times I feel hmp.. I was sick these past few days and I received a text from my mom.. “Take care of yourself because we can’t be there.”

Few days from now it will be my birthday and as usual they will always say. "We are sorry we can’t be there because we have meetings to attend to our church. Your papa is busy doing his work." They usually do that even on special occasions when I was young.

 I remember them saying “we promise we will go out and watch a movie if you have perfect grades”. It was not the movie I was after but the bonding that we may have. I got a perfect exam and yeah as usual “we couldn’t go because we forgot we have something to do in our church”. They always go home late and I was cooking my own food and eating my dinner alone..

 There was only one time that I celebrated my birthday for which I felt special. When my mom came home from Saudi and I was 7 yrs.old.all of my relatives are there..One big happy family. But after it seems like all of them forgot my birthday. Nothing was special..

 Can I beg even for just on my birthday you can spend it with me? even just for one day on my day..I am living with my kids, only the three of nothing it’s just I’m hoping my love ones would come on my birthday. I never asked for material things just a tight HUG would do.

 Good thing I have my kids with me..I'll spend my birthday with them..

 But then again anyway I am used to it. Sorry friends just getting a bit emotional..just pouring out my feelings..

..maybe I just have to get enough will soon pass..


  1. Just let it out, Sie. You'll feel better. I understand how you feel and especially on special occassions when you need your loved ones by your side. It's true that you don't need all the big presents but the best present of all is the presence of your loved ones. But now, it isn't like what it used to be cos you have three loving angels with you and don't forget your quiet angel, too.

    How I wish I'm in the same land with you so that I'd be able to knock on your door on your special occassions. Sending you my love and Happy Birthday wishes in advance. Smile, sis!

  2. @Balqis-*hugs*..thank you sis..I'm just feeling a little weird every time my birthday is near..I guess I am just wanting even a little attention..but then again sometimes I feel weak inside..I need someone to hold on to..I can't discuss some things to other people because I have certain issues and I don't want to bother or be a burden to I always keep it to myself and just hug my little boy and tell to myself.."I will be alright, your mom is a fighter"..I have to be strong right..I have to..

  3. HUGGGYYYYYY - advance happy birthday ate sie...
    emo mode ah!!!....♥

  4. Uy, when's your birthday? I'd like to give you a big warm hug on your special day.

    Our parents may have had shortcomings in the past, but we have no choice but to move on, and forgive them. Let's just try to focus on what we have now. It's not easy, I know, but we do try, don't we?

    Hang in there, Sie! There is so much to be happy about :)

  5. @Clai-hello Clai..tagal mo nawala ha..thank you sis..eeeehehehe..kulang lang sa tulog si ate nag eemote nga hahaha..emote kasi tatanda nanaman ako hahaha :)

  6. @Pepperific life-hello po Ms.Pepper..opo sis..wala malungkot lang po..but it will pass..thank you for visiting sis :)

  7. Sie - I wish I could embrace you in a big hug. I'm sorry that your folks are so mean - there is no other word for them and to think they use Church as an excuse. Please take care of yourself and make sure you do celebrate being YOU.

  8. @Corrine-they are very Busy makes me so sad..when my love ones forget my birthday..and if you are special they should not have forgotten my special day..they are not mean..they are just busy..but I still love them..I am just sad..

  9. My dear Sie I hear you and feel your sadness.Let it out.I will also feel the same if the persons you love forgot your birthday.I can't say more.I can feel your sadness.

  10. Happy Birthday in advance my dear Sie.

  11. i hear yah sistah! nakakaiyak ang post. feel better soon after waking up from relaxing sleep. God bless you.:-)

  12. Tight hug from faraway to you Sie! Hopefully it's enough to comfort you.

  13. You can invite me over to feast over your birthday buffet! :D Cheer up Sie

  14. *HUGSSSSSSSSSS* happy birthday in advance Ms.sie!!!! I wish i could book plane tickets quickly and come there but don't have enough money for that :( but when you feel alone just imagine your little angels and your friends who are always been for you in difficulties :D you'll feel better knowing that you are not alone in life you have all of us to support you !!! *love you!!!!* tc......

  15. Happy Birthday po! Kelan po birthday nyo?

    Same with you, I feel being neglected once in a while. Kakalungkot, minsan umiiyak na lang ako. Product ako ng broken family at hiwa-hiwalay kami ngaun kaya talagang minsan feel ko ang sadness lalo na pag-uwi ko sa hauz. I'm living alone kaya di ko maiwasan minsan maging malungkot. Normal lang yun siguro. Kaya I pray na lang.

    Thanks po talaga at I've found your site. Gumagaan po pakiramdam ko kapag nagbabasa po ako ng mga very inspiring post nyo.

    Wishing you all the Best! God Bless!

  16. Hi! That's why I've been missing your comments in my blog, you're feeling low...I can relate with you Sie, Cancer ka nga...ganyan din ako ma drama mode pag birthday...I was hoping to see you on my bday, kaso nga sick ka diba? I hope to see you, sama mo kids mo ha..sam ko din kids ko...

  17. @Evelyn-Thank you Grandma..just feeling a little bit lonely..*hugs*love lots :)

    @Christine-Thank you Christine :)

    @Dai Ning- Wala ako handa Dai Ning..kaw na lang punta d2..dala ka ng handa para may kasama akong adult hahaha :)

  18. @Sudhi-your right lots *hugs* another *hugs*..thank you for a being a friend to quiet take care of him when I'm not around ok :)

    @Cathie-secret po..lapit na sis..di bale I'll always be here Cathie..just feel free to drop by my site always *hugs* :)

    @Jyfulmom-Hello Ms.Joy..*hugs*..I had heart attack po slight kaya I am not able to use the internet..I'm not that well pa nga po sumaglit lang po lots Ms.Joy..I will visit po as soon when I am ok na lots po :)

  19. Hi ate sie, I hope you're feeling well na po :) Don't be sad na ganyan din ako pag malapit narin ang bday,nagiging emo peru I guess okay lang yun at least you're true to yourself. hehe, sometimes the problem lang eh there's no one you can talk to with all your sadness, na hopefully you feel lighter inside when you share it to someone, it was just like that but it will pass. I wish you a advance happy bday ate sie :D Keep in touch. *smile -smile*

  20. Better to write it and let go. It's normal to feel this way, to be sad, birthdays are special days so you'd love closed ones to be there for you. Some people don't pay much attention to birthdays and don't remember them of course. They seem to be like any other day.
    I am a birthday girl celebration so I understand your pain and would love to send a bunch of Love for your Big Day. Think about the angels that share your life, maybe it's the best to be with them for this special occasion and all their love will help you to feel happier.
    Stay well and don't be afraid to say what hurts.

  21. @ChaCha-thank you sis..buti nandyan kayo to make me smile..opo that's my prob;em sis wala akong kasama hehehe..thank you po :)

    @Marie-hello Marie..thank you for your words of comfort Marie..a bit teary is my birthday today and as expected my parents didn't came..but it's ok it will pass tomorrow is not my birthday anymore..another day to expect for a better life :)

  22. Happy belated birthday dear Sie.

    I know this means a lot to you, but don't be sad. I can sense that (you feel) your parents place more importance on the church than you, their daughter.

    While we can't change your parents, we can control your own thoughts. Yes, it is easier said than done but feeling down, you're only ruining your own birthday. Not theirs. You can still cry the next year, the next next year,and the year after but your parents still won't be at your birthday. How many years does it make then Sie ? How many more years to be sad ? By the time you've done being sad, you would have realised time passed and you're already 60

    How about some shopping to wash your sadness away ? How about some jelly making session with your little ones ?

    Life is short. Cherish whatever you can

  23. @Bear Wife-yes sis..true..I just feel sad..but as what I have said it will pass..

    shopping..can you give me money hahaha..I spent my birthday with my kids eating and watching dvd with them sis..we are waiting for someone to come..but it's ok my birthday went fine..just on emo mode hehehe :)

    thank you for passing by again sis :)

  24. Hi Sie! My first visit here...and not the last for sure! My cousin Joy led me to you and it's a blessing to read this article of yours. I'm looking forward to reading more....

  25. @Ms.Chel-Hello po Ms.Joy Mendiola po..talaga po your ako po oh..thank you po reading my posts and having time po to pass by I truly appreciate it po *hugs*


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